Posts Written OnDecember 16, 2004

Cool Wine Review Directory


Recently I discovered a cool website that compiles wine reviews from all over the place into one site. You’ll find reviews from major newspapers, small newspapers and even some of your favorite wine blogs. Of course by promoting it I’m being a tad self serving. This afternoon they started including my wine reviews as well. The inclusion of bloggers if very forward thinking and should be applauded. I think people are sick of having major wine publications as their only source for wine information. I know I learn much more reading wine blogs…because I can easily relate to…

Tasting Notes: 2002 Spencer Roloson Palaterra (Rhone blend)


I drink a lot of New York wine, particularly from Long Island. It’s right in my own back yard and over the past few months I’ve developed some nice relationships with some of the GMs and winemakers in the region. I think it’s always fun to drink a wine when you know the people behind the scenes. But, there are some varietals that just don’t do well (or as well) here…and to expand my wine knowledge (a continuous process I expect to last the rest of my life), I’ve decided it’ time to look west to California more often (and…