One of the things that can be tough about living in one place (Long Island) when your parents live somewhere else (Pittsburgh) and your fiancee’s parents live in yet another place (Near Albany) is making sure that you see everyone for the holidays, not to mention the transportation of gifts to and from various locales!

Despite the extra effort…there are some pay offs.

I’ve already posted about my wine fridge, an early gift from my parents that was easier to have shipped directly to me (instead of wedging it into the backseat of our car on the way back to Long Island).

Last weekend, we visited Nena’s parents to celebrate Xmas with her parents, grandparents, siblings, step-siblings…the whole crew. We had a great time…and got some great gifts…several of which are wine related!

Accidental_1Winebible_1I got a couple wine books I’ve wanted for a while (pictured right), some new every day globe wine glasses and some very cool European-style white wine glasses that my future in-laws first discovered in Italy in October.

And, my future in-laws also bought me a year of Wine Spectator, which I wanted because I usually end up buying it anyway.

Thanks everyone!