ByebyebradyOur party Saturday night was a huge success. Great food, great game and great friends (even though some are Jets fans). I’ll have some pictures posted here later tonight.

It was a stressful game, but the true believers (such as myself) had no doubt that the Steelers would come through.

I plan to send a bottle of wine to Doug Brien later this week, thanking him for being a total choke-job of a kicker.

Next up…the hated Patriots. The Pats are so hated that even my Jets-fan friends are cheering for the black and gold this week.

BellijerkI’m sure I’ll get some Pats fans emailing me…but before you get too cocky. Just remember that we beat you once…and can do it again.

Rather than a big party, I think I may watch this game in relative isolation. It feels like the best thing to do. We shall see.

Hopefully it will be a good game either way. And I predict the Steelers will win 24-17.