BdayIt’s hard to believe, but it’s true. My first-ever LENNDEVOURS post was written 365 days ago. Yes faithful readers, LENNDEVOURS celebrates its first birthday today.

What a year it’s been.

What started out as an extension of my semi-defunct blog "Slingin’ Ink" has become nothing short of an obsession. Never did I think that this little blog would grow into something this fun and this important to me.

I feel priviledged to be a part of the amazing food and wine blogging community. Every day it amazes me that so many talented, creative people share the same love of fine food and delicious wines that consumes me. I’m hooked and I know you are too.

So what’s up next for LENNDEVOURS? Honestly, I’m never quite sure. Ideas flow in and out of this crazy mind of mine. Some make it here, some don’t.

I will let you know that in the coming months this blog will be getting a complete facelift, including a brand spankin new logo.

How will Lenn celebrate LENNDEVOURS’ birthday…besides referring to himself in the third person?

I think it’s only fitting that I’m heading out to Wolffer Estate for an invitation-only wine dinner that will feature a ten-vintage vertical tasting of their Estate Selection Chardonnays, hosted by winemaker Roman Roth. I’ve written about Roman and Wolffer often in this blog’s first year…so I think it’s pretty cool that I’m one of twelve people that were invited to this private event.

Anyway, thanks for reading LENNDEVOURS…I know I have a lot of faithful readers and that helps me justify the extensive time I spend writing here!