Posts Written OnSeptember 09, 2005

Orphan Wines Worth Taking Home With You

Every few months, the “wine for review” portion of my wine cellar begins to overflow with bottles that I refer to as “orphans.” These wines are new releases from local wineries that just haven’t worked their way into my articles – often because I can’t devote an entire column to just one or two new releases – not because they aren’t column-worthy. Pet adoptions is a wonderfully rewarding experience (we just adopted a beagle puppy from Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton) and taking one of these orphan wines home with you can be, too. Adopt one of these wines today.

Ben Gets in on the Act

It was really only a matter of time…children (and apparently puppies) learn by watching and emulating their parents. Our little guy, Ben Roethlisbeagle has officially started his wine education, sniffing at just about every glass of wine poured in the LENNDEVOURS household. At right, the pup prodigy can be seen enjoying the aromas found in Laurel Lake Vineyards’ 2003 Pinot Noir. He liked what he smelled…and let’s face it, his nose is the most astute in the house. Maybe we have the next (first?) Robert Barker on our hands.