Sparkling_1_1‘m a little behind in my participation with Beau’s latest meme: The Gift of Wine.


First I was insanely busy with my day job. Then was on deadline for a couple freelance pieces. To make matters even worse, we were without Internet access two days last week before heading home to Pittsburgh for Turkey Day.

But, I’m back and it’s time to catch up.

Beau’s question is: If you were to give a wine out of your own
cellar/collection/shelf/fridge as a gift this year, which wine would it
be, who would receive it and why?

This one is easy…I’d give my last bottle of 1991 Cuvee RD sparkling wine from The Lenz Winery to my aunt, Pam. Why? That’s also easy, but multi-faceted.

First, she is the woman most responsible for starting my wine addiction. Back in college, when I was drinking mostly beer and cheap (real cheap) booze, she’d always introduce wine into my life on holidays. When I took interest, my Xmas gift each year became a mixed case of vino — to help me explore different regions and price points.

Secondly, she just got engaged, and what better way is there to celebrate any occasion than with a bottle of bubbly.

I’ve taken this meme one step further…I actually DID bring this bottle to her house on Thanksgiving Day and we toasted her engagement to Randy and enjoyed the wine as a family.

Let’s see…who should I pass this along to?