Happy New Year faithful (and interant) readers. 2006 is finally here and it signals the end of what was quite an busy and event-filled year for me. I got married in 2005. Nena and I adopted Ben in 2005. And, we bought a house in 2005.

Now that all of these big and joyous events have come and gone, it is my hope to spend more time in the new year enhancing both LENNDEVOURS and my other food and wine-related endeavors. Some people in my life (my parents, Nena…) would say that I’m a man of many ideas who doesn’t always do the best job following through on them. I’m awful about New Years Resolutions, so I don’t do them anymore. However, I do have several food and wine goals for 2006. Maybe by typing them out and sharing them with you, I’ll increase the chances that they’ll get accomplished.

So, without further adieu, I give you the LENNDEVOURS goals for 2006:

Create a Supper Club. A few years ago we used to have a small supper club with two other couples. For a variety of reasons, it faded into the sunset and it’s something I’ve wanted to revive ever since. My goal is to re-start one and see how it develops. We have great friends who love great food…what could be better?

Become a Cheese Geek. I’ve known for years that I love cheese, but I really know very little about it. This is the year I change all that.

Be More Education-Oriented. I really want to bring new people to wine and expand the knowledge of those that are already part of the flock. It looks like Nena and I will be teaching some wine classes at a local winery this spring (more on that as it develops) so that’s a great start. I also hope to offer more educational content here on LENNDEVOURS. And, I want to expand my own knowledge…because there is just so much to learn and know.

Make Vinegar. This goal was inspired by Derrick over at An Obsession With Food (and Wine) as he lists the same goal.

Sell a Story to a "Big" Publication. I’m not expecting to sell a story to Wine Spectator or anything, but I’d like to grow my list beyond the three ad-supported, free publications I write for. Of course, maybe I just need to start my own newsletter or something instead (more on that idea in a future post).

Eat More Thoughtfully. With the busy lives Nena and I live, too often we don’t plan meals as much as we’d like. We end up just sauteeing some veggies and grilling some chicken/steak/pork. I’d like us both to spend more time considering what we eat, where we buy it from and how we prepare it. I think this one will definitely happen…we already love our new kitchen and we’ve  decided that our local grocery store is awful
for produce. We may join The Golden Earthworm’s CSA program in the spring too.

Share More Kitchen Tales on LENNDEVOURS. This is a constant battle…and I usually lose. LENNDEVOURS used to be primarily a food blog…and it’s become almost entirely wine focused. You’ll see more adventures from our kitchen in 2006, I promise.

Meet More Bloggers. It was great meeting Beau and Derrick this year, but it seems a bit silly that the only bloggers I’ve met thus far live in California and Utah. NY food and wine bloggers…it’s time.