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WTN: Jamesport Vineyards 2004 East End Series Chardonnay ($13)


Yesterday we talked about Jamesport Vineyards’ 2004 Cox Lane Chardonnay, so to continue LENNDEVOURS Chardonnay Week 2006, we’ll turn our sights on it’s simpler, crisper little brother — East End Series Chardonnay. This is a crisp, decidedly refreshing and appetite-whetting white wine. Its nose presents ripe peach with wisps of vanilla, but also hints at richer, more tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. Comparable flavors follow through onto the palate and are framed by a palate-cleansing zing of acidity and accented by a minerally finish. This isn’t an overly complex wine, but it serves its purpose. Not only does the…

WTN: Jamesport Vineyards 2004 Cox Lane Chardonnay ($19)


To kick off "LENNDEVOURS Chardonnay Week 2006" we’ve got Jamesport Vineyards 2004 Cox Lane Chardonnay ($19). 2004 was only an average growing year on the North Fork of Long Island, but Ron Goerler, Jamesport Vineyards’ owner and vineyard manager, spoke highly last spring of his chardonnay (and cabernet sauvignon) grapes. He’s well-regarded as a grape grower and his reputation is actually part of what attracted winemaker Les Howard to Jamesport Vineyards. When I first met Les last year, he stated a desire to make well-balanced wines first and foremost because "Spikes of oak or acidity numb your taste buds, shortening…

Long Island’s Only Co-Op Tasting Room to Close This Week


The Tasting Room, a two-location co-op tasting room that was the exclusive location for Comtesse Thérèse, Schneider Vineyards and Broadfields Wine Cellars wines will close its doors for the final time this Thursday, March 2. As I reported back in November, Leucadia National (owner’s of Pine Ridge Winery in Napa) purchased the two tasting rooms along with two local vineyards. I’m a little surprised that they are closing them down already, but one winery that used to pour there, Sherwood House Vineyards, has opened its own tasting room, and I suspect that others were heading that direction. As soon as…

LENNDEVOURS Chardonnay Week 2006


Despite ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) groups and the woody/buttery/sweet renditions many CA producers punish our palates with, chardonnay remains the king of white wine in terms of sales and acreage here on Long Island. I think name recognition at least partially drives this. The average wine drinker just doesn’t know what gewurtztraminer tastes like and probably thinks of riesling as super-sweet and "not classy." The charddonnay shift is on, however, so even chardonnay haters can find bottles with nice acid, crisp fruit and none (or little) if the 2×4 flavors of old. All I know is that I have a…

Are You a Farmers Market Friend?


Those of us near the North Fork of Long Island are lucky to have access to some great farmer’s markets and farm stands. But, not everyone is so lucky. It’s possible that that is all going to change…obviously for the better. Adam Mahler’s of Untangled Vine reports on a move among some Representatives in Washington D.C. to help the farmer’s market movement. He has set up an interview with the Representative that introduced the bill, so keep an eye out on his blog for more information. When I first read about the proposal, part of me was worried about the…

Meet the Varietal Characters…


…like Ms. Chardonnay (seen at right). AppellationAmerica, has put together an encyclopedia of grape varieties that as entertaining as it is educational. You’ll find all of the usual suspects (merlot, cabernet sauvignon etc.) but also some varieties you may not have heard of, such as michurinetz, cascade and doreen. Check it out, but beware — you may find yourself spending a long time reading each and every one.

Lenz Winery Comparative Blind Tasting


On Saturday, March 11 I’ll be heading to The Lenz Winery for a sure-to-be-interesting blind tasting event hosted by owner Peter Carroll and winemaker Eric Fry. We will be tasting four Lenz wines blind against premium wines from France. I’m looking forward to the event, which (unfortunately for many of you) is invite only to members of their wine club and the press. I’ve always enjoyed most of the Lenz lineup, but more more excited about the opportunity to taste some of the higher-end Bordeaux in the flights. 1st Flight – 2003 Chardonnays2003 Lenz White Label Chardonnay ($12)2003 Jean Louis…

Need Help Finding a New York City Wine Shop?


Dr. Vino has put together a great tool for anyone who needs to find a wine ship in Manhattan. Check out his New York City Wine Shop Map, which is even available for your mobile device. With as many wine shops as there are in NYC, this is quite an undertaking, so if you know of a great shop that isn’t listed, I’m sure he’d love to hear about it. Check it out today.

WTN: Cascade Mountain Winery NV Summertide (Hudson Valley)


Many wine "experts" turn there nose up at any wine made with hybrid grapes, deeming them "simplistic" or "without character." Wine geeks like myself, however, can recognize that such wines have their place. I’ve had several wines made from seyval blanc that have been clean, refreshing and delicious on a hot summer day. Vidal blanc is another hybrid that leads to some excellent ice wines in Canada and the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Well, this non-vintage white blend from Cascade Mountain Winery, located in Amenia, New York (Hudson Valley), is made using both seyval blanc and vindal blanc.