Posts Written OnFebruary 06, 2006

The Urban Legend of Sulfites


By Contributing Columnist Richard Olsen-Harbich You know all those urban legend stories — like the one about alligators in the NYC sewers and the blind date that ends with you waking up in a bathtub of ice. Well, we have our own version of an urban legend in the wine industry. It goes something like this… All of the stories are the same and involve a couple returning from a recent trip to Europe. The couple talks about how they drank wine like crazy and never once had a hangover. They reminisce about how they met local winemakers who told…

The Steelers Win the Super Bowl


Boy what a game! I’m still waiting for Ben to really show up, but the D played a good game and held when it had to, Antwaan Randel El did what the great playmakers do — made a big play, and Hines deserves the MVP award even if he had a couple uncharacteristic drops. Jerome Bettis, you’ve given Pittsburgh ten great seasons. It’s been a pleasure watching you punish defenses and I look forward to seeing you pound your way into the Hall of Fame as well. Now to all things culinary. Since there were just four of us (I…