Posts Written OnFebruary 21, 2006

Thank You Very Much-o Mr. Risott-o


Valentine’s Day is treated a little bit differently in our house, I think. We don’t really buy each other gifts beyond a well-thought-out card. But, we have a few food traditions related to the most Hallmark of all holidays. First, we never, ever go out to dinner for the occasion. So many restaurants have over-priced, under-delivering fixed menus, and tables filled with people who never go out to nice restaurants and act like it. Second, in recent years, Nena has started making her should-be-famous banana-chocolate chip pancakes (in heart shape) on the day itself. It’s a casual, fun meal that…

Roanoke Vineyards in the New York Times


Roanoke Vineyards, one of the North Fork’s newest producers has been a favorite almost from it’s inception. I’ve written about them several times, almost always take first-time LI winery visitors there, and I named their now-sold out 2000 Merlot my favorite of 2005. Well, with a second New York Times piece this weekend, the secret is most certainly out about the two new red blends Rich and Soraya Pisacano just released. Roanoke Vineyards is a must-stop tasting room on the North Fork. From it’s rich, artisanal reds, the hands-on approach of Rich and Soraya, to the opportunity to also sample…