Posts Written OnMay 26, 2006

The Beagle Wants to Know…


…what is going on in the kitchen. And when the beagle wants to know something, you best tell him. Seriously, he’s a tough dog. He’ll mess you up. (Okay, so maybe he won’t. Maybe we’ve never even heard him growl, let alone seen him bite anyone. Maybe he’s a big softy who likes nothing more than to cuddle with Nena on the couch every night. He still wants to knw what is going on in the kitchen — so just tell him, okay?)

Think You Hate Dessert Wine? These Will Win You Over


Merlot is clearly the king of Long Island wine. Sometimes it’s the only grape we hear about. It’s the most planted variety and, in the hands of the best winemakers, consistently leads to many of the region’s best wines. But what else is out here on the East End? Sure, there’s a bay full of chardonnay, made in any number of different styles, and there’s cabernet franc, the often-dismissed variety of Bordeaux. But the wines that too often get lost in the tasting shuffle are the delectable dessert wines. Think you don’t like dessert wines because they are too sweet/heavy/syrupy/high…