Posts Written OnJune 07, 2006

Eric Asimov Warming to Long Island Wines?


Many of you have already seen it (and emailed me about it) but being in meetings all afternoon kept my eyes from Eric Asimov’s story about some Long Island wines he tasted recently at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor. Let’s just say that I think he’s much more on target with this story than the last time he wrote about Long Island wines. It’s nice to see a respected wine writer like Eric say good things about these "older" vintages. Along with the contention that LI wines are too expensive, lack of cellar worthiness is the other complain I…

NY Wineries Getting Internet Marketing Help?


I’ve written before about how poor a job, in general, New York wineries do with their websites and Internet marketing. Some wineries don’t have websites at all. Others have sites that were built years ago and get updated maybe once a year. And many ignore contact forms and emails that come in via their sites. In short, very few "get it" when it comes to marketing themselves and their wines online. It’s a shame really as Internet marketing can be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available. Of course, some of the smaller producers just don’t have…