Posts Written OnJune 14, 2006

Bay Area Imbibers and Bloggers: Suggestions Please


As I’ve written previously, early next Wednesday morning (too early if you ask me) I leave New York for San Francisco. I’ll be in conferences all day Thursday through Saturday, and then Nena joins me Saturday afternoon to make a little mini-vacation/anniversary trip out of things, but…I’m loooking for some suggestions from the booming Bay Area blogging community. I tend to be a lone roamer when I’m on business trips by myself…I just wander the streets in search of something to do. But, given that I have all of you as a resource, I thought perhaps I’d be a bit…

WBW #22: Standing Stone Vineyards 2003 Pinnacle (Finger Lakes)


Today is Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by wine podcaster extraordinaire Tim Elliott of Winecast. Tim has participated in most every WBW from its inception, so it’s great to finally have him hosting. And, he came up with a great theme. The theme: Find a red wine with 12.5% ABV or less More and more, these types of wines are the exception rather than the rule. Is it global warming? Is it winemakers catering to certain critics? Regardless, I knew I’d have no problem finding a wine for this event. Long Island wines tend to fall in the 12%-13% range in…