Gary_crazyGary Vaynerchuk, Director of Operations for Wine Library, friend of LENNDEVOURS and intrepid host of Wine Library TV is at it again.

As any of you east of the Mississippi know, a winter storm has blanketed much of the midwest and northeast–some areas with piles of snow, others with sleet and freezing rain.

But that didn’t stop Gary from tasting three highly rated wines on today’s episode of Wine Library TV. In fact, he even braved the elements to see just how driving, freezing rain would affect his palate.

Gary is always fun to watch, but I particularly enjoyed how he kept talking about the wines, even as his probably-expensive tasting glass and expensive bottles of wines slid across the table.

Lucky for Gary, he’s got quick reflexing and good hands. His  Jets could use him on offense. Think of him as Wayne Chrebet with a better wine palate. Actually, he might be taller too.