Posts Written OnFebruary 16, 2007

WTN: 2004 Tierce Riesling (Finger Lakes)


Last April, the Long Island Merlot Alliance, formed by Raphael, Pellegrini Vineyards, Sherwood House Vineyards, Shinn Estate Vineyards and Wolffer Estate Vineyards, released their first cooperatively produced merlot—2004 Merliance ($35). LIMA’s founders believe that merlot is Long Island’s signature varietal, and as such have dedicated themselves to its advancement and continued quality in our region. But, LIMA isn’t the only group of New York wineries working together to create special wines from other signature grapes.        There are some that will argue the point, but much like merlot is Long Island’s current leader, the classic riesling grape rules…

Voting for the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards Ends Today


Today is the last day to vote for your favorite wine blogs in the 2007 American Wine Blog Awards. Even if you didn’t (and don’t) vote for this here blog, you should click through the finalists and vote for your favorites. Wine blogs are increasingly important in the wine world and these awards highlight many of the best. Of course, it can be hard to pick just one in every category–especially for someone like me who has his own wine blog. In the almost three years I’ve enjoyed with LENNDEVOURS, I’ve formed friendships with many of the finalists, so picking…