Well, not exactly. I don’t drink coffee. I’m a tea guy and lately I’ve been really enjoying Trader Joe’s Organic Green Tea Chai.

Anyway, I’ve quickly realized in Jackson’s first month that one has to squeeze in "time" wherever possible. By "time" I mean things like "quiet time" "family time" "wife time" and the like.

Even though he’s only four weeks old, the Jackyl as I’ve started calling him, and I have a  little ritual that we’ve started the last few days. He usually gets up around 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. and I get up with him to let Nena sleep a little. After the changing and feeding are done, we head out to the living room, turn on Sportscenter and load up my laptop.

Why am I telling you about this? This a wine and food blog, isn’t it? Let me finish.

Then, he and I sit there and listen to and watch several of my favorite podcasts and videocasts. Not only am I hanging out with my favorite lil guy, but I we get to learn about wine together. Sure, he doesn’t have any idea what is being said, but we do talk about it.

This morning, we watched Wine Library TV, which was extra fun because Gary mentioned that he thinks Long Island cabernet franc is better than California versions (I agree). We also caught up with The Wine Scout, which doesn’t update enough, but is fun.

Of course, I also with that the guy who got me into listening to podcasts in the first place would produce some more. But, we’ll cut him some slack for now.