Posts Written OnMarch 20, 2007

Vineyard 48 Hires a New Vineyard Manager


Vineyard 48 has just hired Huntington, NY-native Chris Kelly as its new vineyard and estate manager After being a professional bee keeper in Hawaii for five years, Kelly returned to Long Island in 1982 and pursued a career in vineyard management and has worked Pellegrini Vineyards, Palmer Vineyards and others He’s been working in Long Island vineyards for 25 years and now believes that boutique wineries have the opportunity to become leading edge pioneers in sustainable agriculture. Kelly is obviously not the first local vineyard manager to turn to ‘green’ grape growing, but it’s nice to see another one joining…

“MERLOT” License Plate Illegal in Utah


File this one under "I sure am glad that I don’t live in a theocratic state." The license plate that you see mocked up at right was just deemed illegal in the state of Utah–after it had been issued and used for a decade. Turns out that using "Merlot" on a plate is illegal in the most oppressive of states because it is an intoxicant. I guess the people running things in Utah have a different view of freedom of speech–and clearly don’t have anything more important to focus on. I just went to the NY DMV site to see…