I happen to love gewurztraminer, but only a handful of local wineries bother with this under-appreciated grape Some make it in the off-dry style that I think plagues many
U.S. bottlings, but a couple use Alsace as their model, crafting dry, distinctive wines.

Corey Creek Vineyards 2006 Gewürztraminer ($30) is similar to the stellar 2005, and while maybe a little less intensely flavored, it’s no less enchanting or delicious

This is an extremely aromatic white with wild flowers, peach and lychee mingling in a
nose that is typical for the varietal but somehow fresher and more
lively. The flavors in the mouth are similar and while gewurztraminer
can sometimes suffere from lack of acidity or be way too perfume-like,
this one dodges both bullets. Year in and year out Corey Creek
Vineyards helps show what this grape can do here. Year in and year out, this is the benchmark
against which all other East Coast gewurztraminer should be measured.