Posts Written OnSeptember 24, 2007

How Will Global Warming and Climate Change Impact the Wine World?


By Special Wine Columnist, Richard Olsen-Harbich Will it be a brave new wine world? During the past year, discussions about the potential impact of “global warming” have dominated the mass media. Although the exact outcomes and causes are in dispute, few now doubt the existence of the phenomenon. What does it mean for the wine industry? As wine is all about long-term agriculture and entirely dependant on the weather, I’d say a great deal. The eventual consequences of climate change on the wine industry are unclear, as are the possible effects on the rest of the planet. The real question…

1995 Long Island Reds Tasting: 12 Wines at 12 Years of Age


Last nights tasting of 1995 Long Island reds was definitely a success. After a couple winemaker cancellations (damn harvest season!) we ended up with six on our panel and we all had a great time seeing how these 12 wines at 12-years old have stood up over time (surprisingly well). It’s probably going to take me a little while to write it up. I was taking my own notes and also writing down things the other tasters were saying (I was the only journalist in the room after all). A big thanks goes out to Jared and Tracy from Grand…