Posts Written OnNovember 28, 2007

Web Find: The Oyster Guide (


I don’t eat oysters, but I find their place in history fascinating. I read Mark Kurlansky’s book on the topic a while back and really enjoyed it. I was doing some research on Pipes Cove Oysters yesterday (because Palmer Vineyard’s is making a 2007 chardonnay to pair specifically with them) and stumbled upon The Oyster Guide by Rowan Jacobsen, a terrific website for anyone who is interested in this famously raw bivalve. When it comes to terroir, we usually think about wine or maybe cheese or even produce, but it’s just as important to oysters apparently. According to the site:…

Check Out Appellation America’s Wine Explorer Society


Most of my blogging focuses the wines of New York State. They are wines that I’m more excited and passionate about and you know that I drink local whenever possible. But, there are interesting and delicious wines being made throughout the United States and Canada. There are even a few in California. And it’s time that I start to explore those a bit more as well. And, because I’ve signed on as a guide for Appellation America’s Wine Explorer Society, I have a vehicle in which to discover wines from all the off-beat and up-and-coming North American regions. The Wine…