We had a bit of a discussion here on LENNDEVOURS a couple weeks ago about the 2007 vintage and a column written by Howard Goldberg of the New York Times. At times it got personal, which isn’t good, but discussions are still useful.

Well, it looks like the Wine Spectator agrees with grape growers that Long Island had a stellar growing season. Mitch Franks sent me this think earlier today and it sure speaks well of the 2007 vintage in New York State and on Long Island in particular.

As you can see, Long Island was one of only two regions that got an "A" (along with Washington State). Napa, Sonoma, and Central Coast all got B+.

Like I said in the comments of the previous post, this obviously doesn’t mean that the resulting wines will absolutely be "A" quality, or consistently so. But, the growing season, by all accounts, was one for the ages on Long Island.