Long Island has several top-notch restaurants, but when it came time to choose a lunch spot today, I shunned them and settled on the Rocky Point Townhouse Diner, just a couple miles up the street. 

And, it was one of the best lunches I’ve ever eaten.

The Greek salad was solid and tastily loaded with feta. The chicken souvlaki was just okay. And the cole slaw was mediocre at best. Overall, a slightly above average meal to be sure.

That probably doesn’t sound like the stuff of a great lunch, and yet it was.

You see, it was my first lunch out with just Jackson, father and son.

I took the day off today to have a guys day. No, there weren’t any beer, chicken wings or scantily clad dancers involved in this guys endeavor, but there were plenty of smiles, laughs and hugs.

So, as much of a food snob as I can be at times, this little guy is a perfect reminder of just how important our company kept is when dining out. Never discount the importance of loved ones at the dinner (or lunch) table. They can turn a run-of-the-mill meal into something special.