Posts Written OnFebruary 13, 2008

Has Gary Vaynerchuk Gone “New World” on Us? Or Just Crazy?


I love my readers. You guys are the best. Within minutes of Gary’s latest episode of Wine Library TV going live, I had a half dozen emails in my in box about it. As you can see above, he tasted Grapes of Roth 2002 Merlot on todays show and…well…he didn’t come away impressed. He even went so far as to call it a "pedestrian effort" and he says he’s had several bottles of $25 Bordeaux that compare. Of course he also said that it’s built to age. Why would you want to age a pedestrian wine, Gary? We all have…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #42: 7 Words — Carlo Massimiliano Gritti 2003 Il Doge


Wine Blogging Wednesday is back today with one of its old-time participants, Andy of playing host. Andy is one of the founding fathers of wine blogging, and he’s challenged WBW participants in a whole new way this time ’round. The wine itself this month is easy enough. We had only to choose something red from Italy. Where the challenge comes in is the tasting note, where we’re only allowed to use 7 words. In the spirit of the theme, I’m not going to go on and on with Carlo Massimiliano Gritti 2003 Il Doge’s background either. You can read…