By Evan Dawson, Finger Lakes Correspondent

In an innocuous Facebook status update, Finger Lakes Wine Country's Morgen McLaughlin asked this question:

"Would New York wines sell better if stores merchandised by varietals instead of regions?"

The question engendered a quick burst of responses. My initial thought was that the answer is yes, but I admit I haven't thought much about it. 

What do you think?

I answered in the affirmative because I see so many wine stores that have turned New York wines into the quiet pariah of the retail world, shoved unceremoniously into the corner. Many wine store owners know very little about the New York wine industry. This is not to say that all wine store owners neglect New York state wines — hardly. But too many, in my opinion, do.

The problem with mixing New York state wines into the general varietals is that some stores don't simply offer wine by varietal. Many stores have sections for California, France, Italy, etc. And if the store has separated wines by geographical origin, eliminating a New York section could be a mistake.

But I concede that I'd love to see such an experiment. How long would the experment need to be to have a large enough sample size to measure results accurately? I really don't know. Two months? Six? Less?

Regardless, it'd be a curious endeavor, no doubt.

Consumers, would you rather see stores separate wines by varietal?

Liquor store owners, what impact would this have?

Wine industry folks, any preference?