By Evan Dawson, Finger Lakes Editor

Many of you tried to help me make sense of a recent wine experience – click here to read the post if you missed it. 

Well, wonder no more. The owner and general manager, Kevin Reeder, sent me the following email.

I am sorry for your experience at Stonecutters on Saturday evening.  I have had the opportunity to speak with the young lady that waited on you Saturday evening.  The after 10PM bottle wine "policy" as outlined to you by her does not exist.  The wines from the list are available during all the hours the restaurants (Edgars and Stonecutters) are open.  The bottled wines are locked in two locations, first floor and basement.  Both locations are short distances from Stonecutters.  The retrieval of the bottled wine during later hours, after Edgars, the fine dining restaurant, is closed poses a little logistical challenge but generally is handled seamlessly.  I am embarrassed that this was not the case with your visit.  Unfortunately, for you and I, she made a bad decision on Saturday evening.

Business owners take note: This is how it's done. I applaud Mr. Reeder for addressing the question directly; you'd be amazed how often owners lash out when we point out a potential problem. 

The email is a comfort because we've always had such good experiences at Belhurst. We'll certainly be back.