There's still at least one "BP" that isn't destroying the world.

Blue Point Brewing Company, creators of multi-award-winning Toasted Lager, has responded to the Gulf oil spill disaster the best way they know how: by crafting a beer dedicated to our feathered friends affected by the crisis. It's been dubbed Toxic Sludge, and the proceeds from its sale will support the Delaware-based bird rescue organization Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue.

The spill, caused by an explosion on April 20 of this year, has widely affected wildlife, but Blue Point president Pete Cotter explains his particular sympathy for the plight of Gulf area birds. "We on the South shore of Long Island see many birds in the spring and fall, just cruising through. I live on a small body of water and have the pleasure of sharing their experience with them."

Autumn is fast approaching, and birds migrating south for the winter will face a rude awakening when they find their sunny winter home covered in, well, toxic sludge. 100% of funds raised by the sale of this beer will support Tri-State's bird rescue campaigns now and in the coming years.

So what exactly does Toxic Sludge taste like? For starters, it's a black IPA, an up-and-coming style attempted as of yet by only a handful of well-known breweries. "It’s basically similar to a traditional IPA with a dark malt bill," explains Cotter. "The beer is now in the tank. What we’re looking for is a fragrant, dark, hoppy ale without the sweetness that you would associate with a dark beer. This dark version of an IPA should satisfy the inquisitive pallets of hopheads."

Cotter hopes to send Toxic Sludge to all twelve states in which the brewery has distribution.

Blue Point's critical success and widespread appeal make the brewery's voice a powerful one, and this project is sure to promote awareness of the spill's environmental ramifications. "I’m just glad we are fortunate and successful enough to be able to do fun projects like this," Cotter says. "Since winning some big awards a few years ago, we’ve been growing at a fairly good clip and it’s easy to get sidetracked to what’s really important. We have no corporate ties and I think that’s apparent with this project."

Look for Toxic Sludge just in time for migration season – it's another great reason to drink beer. For more information about this project visit