By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

Java A visually striking beer, this Three Heads Brewing Java Sutra porter impresses immediately with a gorgeous four-finger head, puff-of-train-smoke black color, and lacing so perfect and so beautifully stratified that I had to take its picture for my beer porn collection. (I have needs.)

On the nose, light notes of dark-roast coffee, cinnamon and baker's chocolate are on offer without any cloying sweetness or alcohol.

It smells like a porter, not a Frappuccino. 

In agreement with the nose, the palate is light and lager-bodied; malt steps up to the plate, but again as roasty coffee-chocolateness, not sweetness. A smooth finish whispers its hops rather than shouting them, with final fresh-ground coffee beans completing the flavor profile. 

A solid porter first and foremost with a pleasingly understated coffee accent, this is the first coffee-flavored beer I would ever describe as a session quaffer — a tasty and low-maintenance accompaniment to pulled pork or teriyaki. 

Producer: Three Heads Brewing (via Custom Brewcrafters)
ABV: 6.5%
Sample Size: 16 oz. bottle
Stemware: 16 oz. V-glass
Price: $6.99
Score: B+