Posts Written OnFebruary 02, 2012

Peconic Bay Winery 2009 “La Barrique” Chardonnay


Yes, another North Fork chardonnay. A barrel-fermented one at that — thus the name “La Barrique.” But wait. It’s not what you think. This is the rare barrel-affected chardonnay that I willingly went back to after my tasting was finished. I had two glasses, in fact. It almost makes me hate winemaker Greg Gove for proving my boredom over local chardonnay wrong. Aromas of pineapple, Golden Delicious apple, vanilla, and lemon verbena are accented by just a hint of butter. Overly toasty or raw oak just isn’t part of the equation. Mouth-filling but very well balanced, the palate shows similar…

7 Questions with….Regan Meador, Assistant Winemaker, Osprey’s Dominion Winery


By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor I have yet to meet Regan Meador, assistant winemaker at Osprey’s Dominion Winery — in person at least. As is so common these days, he and I got acquainted via Twitter before he left his white collar job in Manhattan for good and moved to the North Fork to make wine. We keep saying that we’re going to meet up for a glass or a pint or five, but it hasn’t happened yet. In the interim, I’ve asked him our standard set of seven questions… What event/bottle/etc made you decide that you wanted to be…