Posts Written OnJuly 16, 2012

Palmer Vineyards 2011 Albarino


Chardonnay. Merlot. Chardonnay. Merlot. Sauvignon Blanc. Chardonnay. Cabernet Franc. Merlot. Chardonnay. Cabernet Sauvignon. During the course of tasting any and all Long Island wines I can get my hands on — it seems like that is all I taste. Very little variety. A lot of the same. Those are important grapes for the region — no doubt — but who doesn’t like something a little different every now and again. That’s one reason I appreciate what people like Miguel Martin of Palmer Vineyards are doing with new-to-the-region grapes like albarino. It’s hard to envision a time when Long Island is…

Recipe: Cherry-Creme Beer Float


After a hot summer bike ride, nothing tastes better than a good root beer float. But why not substitute sarsaparilla for stout? I like my floats with all sorts of malty, sweeter beers, and after a morning bike ride over the weekend my boyfriend and I hit on what might be the world’s greatest beer float. The beer:  Southern Tier Brewing Company Creme Brulee Stout Unlike many brews by the Stout Kings of New York, Creme Brulee doesn’t have any chocolate flavor –– instead, it’s bursting with vanilla bean and caramel flavors thanks to real vanilla bean and dark caramel…