Posts Written OnJuly 26, 2013

NY Wine Spotting: Is this the Campaign that Finally Gets More NY Wine into Local Restaurants?


For years, the New York wine industry has wondered how to convince local restaurants to carry local wines. They’ve tried a variety of approaches, all of which have largely failed. That could be all about to change, starting in Rochester. Michael Warren Thomas, host of the Savor Life radio programs on WYSL AM, has launched an ambitious new program. It started with Thomas visting more than 100 restaurants in the greater Rochester area. At each stop, he examined the wine list, tracking how many Finger Lakes wines were offered. “It was a lot of work, but I thought it was…

Anthony Nappa Wines 2012 “Bordo” Cabernet Franc


It is a point of some debate, but I’m of the belief that you cannot — and should not — remove all of the ‘green’ flavor from cabernet franc. Many try, either through extensive leaf-pulling programs, extended hang time and/or aggressive use of new oak barrels. But at the end of the day, ‘green’ is just part of the cabernet franc’s varietal character and I want to taste it. Now, I’m not suggesting that I want bell pepper or asparagus or green bean to be the dominant aroma or flavor in any wine. There is a difference between under-ripe character…