Posts Written OnSeptember 09, 2013

New York-Grown Beer: Will Brewers Support Farmers… Who Will Then Support Brewers?


Originally, this post was going to be about locally grown hops, and what Long Island breweries were doing with them. But after talking with a handful of people in the industry — mainly brewers and hop farmers — I was left with more questions than answers. The craft beer industry is growing at a rapid rate, that’s no secret, but can New York farmers keep up with the demand for local ingredients? You may wonder why it matters. If you are a microbrewery it might not at all. Hops and grain will always be available from sources around the world, sources…

Three Brothers Wineries and Estates 2012 Zero Degree Riesling


Last week I was able to take part in a virtual (via Twitter) tasting that featured a handful of 2012 Finger Lakes rieslings — including this one. All wines we re-tasted the following day as well. Three Brothers Wineries and Estates 2012 Zero Degree Riesling ($14) offers understated aromas of mixed citrus zest, under-ripe peach and citrus blossoms. Dry with light citrus and floral flavors, the palate is a bit sharp and sour — lacking fruit and concentration to balance the acidity. The finish is short, but bitter in a citrus pith way. Unfortunately, this is one of those ‘lemon water’…