Posts Written OnFebruary 24, 2014

Blending at Arrowhead Spring Vineyards


Covering the Niagara and Lake Erie Regions the past few months has allowed me to meet many of the local winemakers. While I’ve been a wine lover, as well as a novice winemaker, for many years I’m just now learning many of the fundamental phases of a vintage in a commercial setting. At the end of September, I was invited to assemblage at Arrowhead Spring Vineyards in Lockport, New York. Assemblage is the French term for blending wines and the term used by Duncan and Robin Ross to describe their process at ASV. Joining me at the session were Ryan Little, winemaking assistant of Arrowhead…

What We Drank (February 20, 2014 Edition)


Editor’s Note: We’ve taken a bit of a break from WWD of late, but the team has requested that we bring it back — so we are. Contributing Editor Todd Trzaskos will be running this feature going forward. Thanks, Todd! Michael Gorton Jr.: Rocky Point Artisan Brewers CROM  (Double IPA) Lenn and I decided we needed a beer night.   We were going to hit up a local joint that has been doing well after it had some tough reviews when it first opened.  But alas, they were closed.  So we settled, if you wanna say, on another craft beer joint…