Posts Written OnMay 07, 2014

5 Questions with… Ami Opisso, Lieb Cellars

Ami Opisso, General Manager, Lieb Cellars

The New York Cork Report is back on the North Fork of Long Island for this edition of our “5 Questions With…” series. We recently had a virtual sit down with Ami Opisso, North Fork native and General Manager of Lieb Cellars. Opisso, a former city dweller living a fast paced life in New York City and Chicago working in advertising and marketing, made the brave jump into wine leaving her six figure salary behind for a small hourly tasting room job, something many of our readers (myself included) likely daydream about but are unwilling to risk themselves. Ami spent the…

In the Finger Lakes, Finally, Female Winemakers are Becoming More Common

Hector Wine Company assistant winemaker Alex Doniger

It was inevitable that women would conquer wine, and winemaking, as a small-but-not-unrelated stop on their way to conquering the top government posts that they have long been owed, in this country and others. Men have ruled for too long, and look where that’s gotten the world: on the brink of nuclear annihilation, or financial ruin, or The Singularity, or some such embarrassing way to ruin this improbable oasis in a heretofore barren universe. From the Russian satellites to Syria to the job markets to the pathetic level of political discourse, blame the men. We’ve proven ourselves incapable stewards. Anyway,…