Posts Written OnApril 23, 2015

Want the May 2015 New York Cork Club Picks? Join Today!


The first New York Cork Club shipment will go out the first week of May — so if you want my first picks, you need to join as soon as possible! (If you missed our announcement about the rebirth of New York Cork Club, check it out here.) Join and you’ll get: Southold Farm + Cellar 2014 Weather to Fly — a fresh, lightly yeasty, un-filtered sparkling wine made from chardonnay using methode ancestral. Yes, that makes this a “pet nat,” which are quite trendy right now — but this is also a delicious, delicious wine. Dr. Konstantin Frank 2014…

7 Years of Ravines Wine Cellars Meritage


There is a phenomena that is unique to the world of fine wine that gives some winemakers sleepless nights, sends collectors on quests that are akin to searches for the Holy Grail itself, and provides ample employment opportunities for wine writers and critics alike: Vintage Variation. For brewers and distillers, achieving consistency in their product is a common and overarching goal. But for producers of fine wines — particularly in cool climates — embracing inconsistency is more the norm. Most espouse the philosophy of “letting the grapes dictate the wine” by emphasizing the attractive characteristics that are presented by a…