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McCall Wines 2014 “Cuvee Nicola” Sauvignon Blanc”


Earlier this week, I read two articles (you can read them yourself here and here) lamenting the rise and dominance of dry rose in America — not because the authors don’t like rose, but because other summer-ready wines have been been marginalized. There is a lot of rose being made in New York right now — more than ever. Much of it is delicious and I drink a lot of it (all year long), so it’s probably not unusual that so many end up being reviewed on this site. That said, rose isn’t something I consider my “summer wine.” Finger Lakes riesling…

Weekly New York Wine News — August 31, 2015


Photo courtesy of Cayuga Ridge Winery What’s old is new again, the Finger Lakes leave their mark on bloggers, baseball and bookies, tannin vanishing acts, and an upstate beverage summit… NEWS New York Times – 8/18/2015 Paumanok in Long Island and Bloomer Creek in the Finger Lakes ( with help from Pascaline Lepeltier ) play their parts in a plan to revive American appreciation for Chenin Blanc. Star Tribune – 8/26/2015 Bill Ward reminisces about his recent trip to the Finger Lakes, and what Minnesota vintners might learn there. New York Upstate – 8/27/2015 Video review of the New York Yankees…