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Weekly New York Wine News — December 14, 2015


Barrel samples of Red Tail Ridge Vineyards’ 2015 skin-fermented white wine, Miscreant. (Photo via Nancy Irelan) NEWS Wall Street Journal – 12/7/2015 New York laws are deemed favorable for the state’s farm-to-ferment movement. WCAX – 12/8/2015 Specifically, the Farm Brewery License encourages entrepreneurs such as the new operation in Plattsburgh. Auburn Citizen – 12/11/2015 An update on how the 2015 season wrapped up and the quality of the harvest. New York Business Journal – 12/11/2015 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America lobby NY Governor Cuomo to veto legislation limiting reach of the State Liquor Authority. New York Daily News –…

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard 2013 Josef Vineyard Riesling


It’s easy to get complacent when you taste a lot of Finger Lakes riesling — overall quality has risen to the point that even producers that historically fell below the median are now making wines I’m happy to drink. It’s almost to the point that one can take for granted that Finger Lakes riesling is going to deliver. Then you taste a wine like Hermann J. Wiemer 2013 Josef Vineyard Riesling ($39) and you’re reminded just how high the ceiling is for Finger Lakes riesling. The Josef Vineyard, located 10 miles north of the winery, is just south of the better-known Magdalena Vineyard.…