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Craft Beer On Long Island Grows Some Hair — Moustache Brewing Company


Is your Fu-Manchu feeling fuzzy? Is your goatee getting tingly? If so, that may be because Moustache Brewing Co. is riding its burly handlebar follicles straight into Riverhead this summer. Proprietors Matt and Lauri Spitz are dedicated to awesome facial hair and craft beer — and they are responsible for the new Long Island microbrewery soon to open in the heart of Polish Town. With the help of a highly successful kickstarter campaign launched in 2012, the couple has managed to raise over $30,000 with a list of investors from around the globe. “We were surprised to see people from…

Surge Protector: Long Island Breweries Brew Up Sandy Relief


Beer people are cool. Beer people are fun. And at heart, they are some of the best people out there. When Hurricane Sandy struck, Barrier Brewing Co. in Oceanside on the south shore of Long Island on October 28 sustained damage to the tune of $100,000. And guess who showed up to help. Eight neighboring Long Island breweries and distributor Clare Rose got together a month later to brew Surge Protector, a collaborative IPA benefiting Barrier Brewing and others affected by Sandy. Each brewer donated a different ingredient and brainstormed about style and recipes. Upon realizing I would be on vacation for the beer’s release, I started contacting the…

Brewing With Restraint and Growing Without Bounds at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.


Greenport Harbor Brewing Company is getting bigger, and fast.  The company launch in 2009 with little more than two owning partners and a brewer.  Four years later, the brewery employs more than a dozen workers and is in the process of building a second brewhouse.  But the brewery’s quick expansion has not swayed its resolve to maintain control over their own product and quality. I recently met with Head Brewer DJ Swanson.  He pulled his head out of a steaming fermenter to greet me upon arrival at the fire house-turned-brewery that dates back to the early 1900s. The cozy historic…