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Bad Seed Cider: Great Friends, Great Family Means Great Hard Cider

Arthur and Devin in the house

Albert Wilklow and Devin Britton, founders of Bad Seed Cider Company, love their work. They also love family and friends, and seeing familiar faces at the NY Greenmarkets where they sell their well-crafted hard ciders and in the newly opened Bad Seed Tap Room. This take on life drives their passion for creating excellent dry hard cider and enjoyable experiences for their many fans.

Michael and Yancey Migliore Break Ground Again

Micheal and Yancey at Work NYCR 2

“In constant motion” is the best phrase I can use to describe the dynamic team of Michael Migliore and Yancey Stanforth-Migliore, founders and owners of Whitecliff Vineyard and Winery. I was lucky enough to catch them in the same room long enough to snap this picture. It has been more than three decades since they broke ground on their vineyard in Gardiner, NY and now they have something new and exciting on the horizon.

New Kid on the Block, Bruno and Rafael Winery

Bruno and Rafael Tasting Room

For many people wine is just another item on their supermarket shopping list, a gallon of milk, a liter of soda, Coke or Sprite, some wine red or white. True, not so in New York which is one of the 15 states that still doesn’t allow supermarket wine sales, which by the way account for about 42% of all wines sales in the U.S.  And certainly not so for wine geeks like me.  Or Bob from Sonoma and Bruno Alterescu who I met today at Bruno’s new winery in Marlboro, NY. For us the wine experience is something to be…

On the Shawangunk Wine Trail, a Visit to Whitecliff

Whitecliff Tasting Room 2

For all the wine I have enjoyed, which by any measure is quite a lot, I have visited surprisingly few vineyards. A few in Italy, one or two in California, some in Virginia and New Jersey. But, that has all changed since I took on the Hudson Valley Beat at the New York Cork Report. In fewer than three months I’ve visited four and there are many more on the calendar. For the first three I arrived with an appointment, a planned interview, A reporter’s tour. On this most recent visit, I decided to go undercover, as an everyday consumer off the street.…

Stoutridge a Uniquely Local Winery

Stephen Osborn at Stoutridge Vineyard

Stephen Osborn at Stoutridge Vineyard What started as a grand experiment, one with results that were successful beyond anyone’s expectations, Stoutridge Vineyard is a very unique winery. In 2001, founders Stephen Osborn and Kim Wagner set out to prove a thesis, they believed that great New York wines could be made truly locally, with local grape species, using the most simple, Old World, terrior-driven vinification processes — some call this “natural” wine making. To achieve wines that taste like they truly come from here. Their wines are perhaps like no others you have ever had. The best way I can begin to…

New York Cork Report Goes “Off The Page” With Random House on July 11, 2015


  Hello, newest New York Cork Report correspondent, Peter Conway, here. I’ve learned, as no doubt you have, here at New York Cork Report we are all about New York wine, and the beer and spirits, and of course we’re all about — the New York lifestyle. So, we were delighted to say yes when offered the opportunity to partner with Random House to participate in and sponsor a fabulous New York event occurring this July called “Off the Page” at Basilica in Hudson, NY. Let me tell you a bit about it. “Off The Page” billed as a Saturday…

Benmarl Winery, Very Ready for the Next Ten Years

Matthew Spaccarelli General Manager and Winemaker Benmarl Winery

Matthew Spaccarelli of Benmarl Winery Matthew Spaccarelli speaks with the cautious optimism of a man who feels confident about what’s ahead on the sea of life. Knowing the risks and prepared to seize the opportunities. It has been ten years since he and his father, Victor, took ownership of Benmarl and five since he fully assumed the helm and for that matter engine room, as general manager and winemaker, of this storied Hudson Valley winery. Matt wonders about the claim that Benmarl is the America’s oldest winery, it may or may not be true, nevertheless he is very happy to be working lands…

Palaia Vineyards is a Family Affair, Where Wine and Celebration are a Way of Life

Jan Palaggi Palaia Vineyard

Jan Palaggi from Palaia Vineyards They say wine, women and song are inseparable. Add a few good men and we have the family affair of Palaia Vineyards in Highland Mills, NY. I just visited with Jan Palaggi, self-proclaimed queen of the operation that she and her husband Joseph founded thirteen years ago. We explored the property, winery and event spaces and tasted some wines. Before sharing my impressions of the wine let me say that while making great juice is a big part of the Palaia family tradition, music, good food and festive events are too. Together they make a delightful experience to…