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Celebrating 40 Years of Long Island Wine: A Look Into the Future


I’ve got some ground to make up if I’m going to write 40 posts about Long Island wine’s first 40 years. So today, let’s start not by looking at the region’s past or even its present. Instead, I want to look at where I think Long Island wine will be when it turns 50 or 60. I’ve been drinking and exploring Long Island wine for a decade now — and writing about it for nearly as long. A lot has changed in those ten years.  It may be cliche to say that “Long Island wines have never been better” but…

New Series: Celebrating 40 Years of Long Island Wine


Long Island wine country turns 40 this year and some of the writers who write about the region most often — people like Howard Goldberg and Eileen Duffy — have already written pieces to mark the occasion. Mostly, they examine the region’s evolution and current state. That makes a lot of sense of course — we often look back on birthdays. But I’ve struggled for the past week or two to figure out how I’d mark the occasion here on the site. You see, I’ve felt a special connection to Long Island wine almost from the day I moved here more than…