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Weekly New York Wine News — September 8, 2015


Harvest has begun at Damiani Wine Cellars (Photo courtesy Damiani Wine Cellars) Short week due to the holiday, so the news brief is brief…hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, and please feel free to contact us if you see a NY news story worth sharing. NEWS Cornell Chronicle – 9/2/2015 Cornell President Elizabeth Garrett visits the New York State Fair to follow up on the university’s impact on state agriculture, and while she visited the wine tent and talked economics, someone let her drink a wine slushy. Albany Times Union – 9/5/2015 Washington D.C. is scheduled to get a taste of New…

WTN: Shinn Estate Vineyards 2004 Estate Merlot


Shinn Estate Vineyards, still a relative newcomer to the Long Island wine scene, gets a ton of press for its "green" vineyard practices and its owners’ pedigree as Manhattan restaurateurs. I’ve written about them several times here on LENNDEVOURS and elsewhere. And yes, it’s true that David Page and Barbara Shinn employ several progressive sustainable and near-organic farming techniques in their North Fork vineyard. Their Greenwich Village restaurant, Home, is also a successful exhibition of local, seasonal food and wine. But it’s important not to forget about the fermented grape juice they bottle and stop with a cork. Their wines…

Take THAT California?


"Yes, California does produce some good merlot, though I could make a case that better merlot is coming from Long Island than from California, albeit in very small amounts." So says New York Times wine writer and wine blogger Eric Asimov in this week’s column "Panned on Screen, Merlot Shrugs and Moves On" Of course, the rest of the column goes on to sing the praises of Washington State as America’s best source for merlot. I’m not as familiar with Washington merlots as I am Long Island ones (obviously) so I’m not going to comment on that. But, that doesn’t…