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I Guess I Really Am a Wine Geek

Eric Asimov discusses wine geeks and their impact on the wine world in today’s New York Times. I like his ‘definition’ of wine geeks: "Wine geeks are not a monolithic group, although certain characteristics emerge, like a preference for minerality and acidity in a wine over soft fruitiness, an abhorrence for new oak flavors and a reverence for terroir and traditional methods." I think I fit that description pretty well. Read the full story.

Eric Asimov Advocates Learning Wine at Home


In my early travels as a wine writer (outside of this blog that is) I’ve come across more than a few editors who aren’t interested in my wine reviews. That’s all well and good. My style obviously isn’t for everyone. But some of those editors take it a step further and tell me why: "You don’t have any formal wine training, Lenn." I’ve always found that to be a bullsh*t reason. Just because I haven’t spent thousands of dollars on formal training, that doesn’t mean that I don’t smell what I smell and taste what I taste. I’ve always says…

Appellation America in the New York Times


In today’s New York Times, wine guru (and fellow blogger) Eric Asimov writes about a website near and dear to my own heart, Appellation America. The story is a nice one and I’m glad to see AppAm get the press and publicity. Eric discusses several good points in the piece, but two stand out to me: American’s don’t think of "place" right now Maybe American wine regions shouldn’t compare themselves to others Both are certainly true in my mind. Of course, I know plenty of people who buy wine by region (even U.S. region) but they are wine geeks, not…

Shinn Estate 2003 Merlot Best With Thanksgiving Dinner According to NYT


Like I said the other day, every wine writer has to do a "what wine works best with Thanksgiving dinner" story or column and Eric Asimov of the New York Times is no different. What I love seeing, however, is the wine Eric and his tasting panel chose as the best pairing wine of their tasting — Shinn Estate Vineyards 2003 Merlot (See my review). Both that merlot and their "Red" (a merlot-heavy blend) are terrific food wines. Of course, co-owner David Page is a well-known chef (he and Barbara Shinn also own Home restaurant in Manhattan), so that the…

Congratulations to Alder Yarrow of Vinography


Wine blogs (and wine bloggers) will soon take over the world! Okay. Maybe not. But, the power of the blogged word is growing each and every day. Many that started off as wine (and food) bloggers have started writing in more traditional forums…while keeping their blogs alive of course. Now, Alder Yarrow, the raconteur and palate behind Vinography is invading Antonia Allegra’s "Symposium for Professional Wine Writers" as a featured speaker. As someone who is an aspiring wine writer, trust me when I tell you this is a big deal. Allegra’s symposium is the place for wine writers to mingle…