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How Will Global Warming and Climate Change Impact the Wine World?


By Special Wine Columnist, Richard Olsen-Harbich Will it be a brave new wine world? During the past year, discussions about the potential impact of “global warming” have dominated the mass media. Although the exact outcomes and causes are in dispute, few now doubt the existence of the phenomenon. What does it mean for the wine industry? As wine is all about long-term agriculture and entirely dependant on the weather, I’d say a great deal. The eventual consequences of climate change on the wine industry are unclear, as are the possible effects on the rest of the planet. The real question…

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Changes Hands


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner One of the most heralded wineries in the Finger Lakes is entering its second phase of existence. Hermann J. Wiemer announced earlier this month that he has entered a business arrangement with winemaker Frederick T. Merwarth and that Merwarth will run Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards and its winemaking, vineyard, and nursery operations. Wiemer will continue to contribute in an advisory role. Hermann Wiemer was not the first to grow vinifera in the Finger Lakes, but he was among the first. He is best known for bringing Old World winemaking sensibilities to the Finger Lakes.…

Party On at Bully Hill


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner All the talk recently about the party-like atmosphere at some wineries brings to mind Bully Hill Vineyards, a winery nestled on the hills overlooking the beauty that is Keuka Lake. This winery is a party destination that mixes a proud history, great bottle art, ample tastings and thong underwear. The story starts with the Taylor Wine Company. The Taylor family was one of the original wine producing families of the Finger Lakes. The Taylor Wine Company grew from a small 19th-Century family operation into a 20th-Century wine bohemeth. After being acquired by the Coca-Cola…

WTN: Lamoreaux Landing 2006 Dry Riesling (Finger Lakes)


So I still haven’t decided what, if any, rating system I’m going to start using when I review wines here on LENNDEVOURS. That’s part of the reason that there haven’t been as many tasting notes as there usually is. The other reason is that sometimes I just plain don’t feel like sitting down and "tasting" wine. Sometimes you just want to drink wine, right? But, I sat down last night with three recent releases from Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars up in the Finger Lakes. One (a chardonnay) was corked and you’ll be reading about the Gewürztraminer plenty here in the…

New Wines for New Times


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner In the last few years the Finger Lakes region has attracted a plethora of media attention for its improving wine. This attention hasn’t just attracted tasters and consumers. It’s attracted entrepreneurs as well. The abundance of cheap agricultural land along the beautiful shores of the lakes offer quite an opportunity for those who want to break into the wine business. Despite the fact that the region already boasts over 90 wineries, there is room, at least physically, for many more. Hence, new wineries have popped up all over the place. In this article, Alex…

Visting the Finger Lakes: Part 1


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner The Finger Lakes are worth visiting for many reasons, but it is not always an easy vacation to plan if one is not familiar with the region.  In a two-part series, I will attempt to provide some general answers to basic questions about planning a trip to the Finger Lakes.  I encourage readers to ask me more questions if these topics do not provide all of the answers! When is the best time to visit?I’ll run the answer down by seasons to flesh out the possibilities: Winter–Darn cold, but can be downright beautiful after…

A Delicate Touch in the Finger Lakes: An Interview with Ravines’ Morten Hallgren


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner Morten Hallgren has an unusual background for a U.S. winemaker, especially one in the Finger Lakes.  He was born in Denmark and moved to Provence in southern France after his father decided to purchase an ancient winemaking estate founded in 1307.  Although Hallgren learned French winemaking techniques throughout his childhood, he decided to pursue science and attended university in the United States, majoring in astrophysics (yes, it seems that in this case it does take a rocket scientist to make wine). Eventually, Hallgren found his calling and enrolled in an oenologist program at the…

Empire Oenophile in Edible Brooklyn’s Spring Issue


The fine folks at Edible Brooklyn have gotten around to posting the current issue, Spring 2007, on their website, so now I can point you to my first "Empire Oenophile" column there(It’s a pdf). I think you’ll find it an interesting read–especially if you’re sick of always reading about Long Island wines. In this particularly column, I focus heavily on the Finger Lakes but then include Long Island as well. Read it now.

Tourism Expands in the Finger Lakes


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner According to the New York State Department of Agriculture, nearly 60% of wine sales in the Finger Lakes occur at the winery site by visiting consumers. These sales statistics are reflected in the strong regional alliances between wineries, wine routes, businesses and restaurants. The Finger Lakes has long sold itself as a scenic destination with wine as the main attraction. Visitors, enamored with the beauty of the area, are often inclined to purchase what they taste. This story in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle by Deborah Alexander reports that visitors with more spending money…

Finger Lakes Riesling on Wine Library TV


In case you missed it, I just wanted to point out that Gary V is tasting New York wines again, this time turning his tongue towards three rieslings from the Finger Lakes. And, as much as it pains me to admit it, he seems spot on with his impressions. I’ve not had the Silver Threat, but I have had both the Heron Hill and the Hermann Wiemer (which was part of the New York Cork Club’s first shipment). Much like our Jet-fan "friend" I think the Heron Hill is just okay…but that Wiemer, oh that Wiemer, delicious. Check out Wine…