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Weekly New York Wine News — June 15, 2015


Seyval blanc at Hudson-Chatham Winery’s Estate Vineyard Cider in the streets, whiskey at the farm, and wine up on the roof in this week’s New York Cork Report local beverage notes section. NEWS Henrietta Post – 6/5/2015 Blue Toad hard cider takes up new residence in an historic railroad car in Victor, NY. Fort Green Focus – 6/10/2015 Winery in the Brooklyn Navy yard takes rooftop gardening to a new level with top floor terroir. Cornell Extension – 6/4/2015 Good bud survival rates after a very cold winter negated by late spring freeze damage in the Thousand Islands. Dan’s Papers – 6/14/2015 Biking wine and brew…

Fighting Frost in the Finger Lakes


Some photographs tell a deeper story than the first glance reveals. This beautiful shot was taken by Todd Eichas at New Vines Bed & Breakfast on the east side of Seneca Lake, shortly after 6:00am this past Saturday. It shows more than a placid spring morning. New Vines sits on top of a hill overlooking two of the region’s most acclaimed vineyards: Magdalena Vineyard and Josef Vineyard, which are owned and operated by Hermann J. Wiemer. Eichas says his thermometer read 28 degrees on Saturday morning, but he says the vineyards below are always several degrees warmer. I asked Hermann…

Long Island Vineyards Could See Early Bud Break in 2012


The earliest anyone can remember seeing bud break in Long Island vineyards was mid-April in 2010 — a vintage that ended up being one of the longest and warmest on record. Bud break in 2010 was about two weeks earlier than average. But, after a mild winter and with temperatures currently in the upper-50s and 60s this week — Long Island vineyards coudl see bud break even earlier in 2012. “The potential for an early budbreak this year appears higher than normal. If the weather continues to trend the way it has over the winter season it is increasingly likely that an early…