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Sparkling Pointe and Pork Belly Benedict Take Over at Wading River’s La Plage


By Dave Seel, Long Island Food Correspondent It seems every time I decide to eat at La Plage, I can’t remember how to get there. It’s somewhere near Wading River by the beach, hence the name “La Plage,” but the exact route I take always seems to allude me. Eventually though, I do happen upon Sound Road that winds me to the small restaurant. For years now, Chef Wayne Wadington has been making waves across the North Shore with his eclectic, French-inspired cuisine. Clean, straightforward and always delicious, Wadington’s food is based upon fresh, seasonal ingredients. Recently, my wife and…

Long Island Dines: Andrew’s by the Pond


Sunday night, Nena and I had our first baby sitter (thanks MIL) and were finally able to enjoy our first meal out–just the two of us–in several months. After Nena called our favorite local restaurant, La Plage, several times at several different times of day (both before and during dinner service) and nobody picked up, including a machine, we settled on another local restaurant that we’ve enjoyed in the past–Andrew’s by the Pond in Wading River. We looked forward to the 6:00 p.m. reservation for well over a week, which is a sign of how our lives have changed. A…