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More on the Lisa Granik Op-Ed

I swear that I’m not piling on Lisa Granik, what with my post from Monday and all. But, yesterday I found myself reading some back issues of Edible Brooklyn, and I came across this story that Lisa wrote. Looking at the op-ed and the Edible story side by side, it’s hard to believe that the same person wrote them both. In fact, on many (many) points, they seem to be on polar opposite sides of the same issue. Read the op-ed (if you haven’t already) Read the Edible Brooklyn piece. What do you think?

It’s the Style, Stupid.

By Contributing Columnist Richard Olsen-Harbich Much has been written and debated lately about the style and direction of Long Island wines — most notoriously, a recent Op-Ed piece in the Long Island section of the NY Times implied that L.I. wine producers needed to spend more energy on experimentation and crafting out our own identity. I would argue that this is exactly what L.I. winemakers have been doing for the past 30-plus years. Most people take it for granted now, but back in the early 70s, the general consensus from Cornell University and many other “experts” on the East Coast…

A Letter to Lisa Granik (New York Times Op-Ed Contributor)

This letter is in response to Lisa Granik’s op-ed in the New York Times’ Sunday edition. Dear Ms. Granik, After reading your op-ed over the  weekend, I have two words for you: Thank you. That’s right, I’m thanking you even though I’m sure that by now you’ve received plenty of emails and calls from those in the Long Island wine industry, telling you that you’re wrong, misguided and misinformed — and you are in much of what you say — but I still think it’s great that your words were printed in the New York Times. The best way for…