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Michael and Yancey Migliore Break Ground Again

“In constant motion” is the best phrase I can use to describe the dynamic team of Michael Migliore and Yancey Stanforth-Migliore, founders and owners of Whitecliff Vineyard and Winery. I was lucky enough to catch them in the same room long enough to snap this picture. It has been more than three decades since they broke ground on their vineyard in Gardiner, NY and now they have something new and exciting on the horizon.

Heard Through the Grape Vine: D’Latte Vineyards?

I’ve heard an unconfirmed rumor from a couple different unnamed sources that the owner of D’Latte Uncorked, an upscale deli/wine bar in Greenport, is planning to plant a vineyard on the North Fork with tight row spacing, build a winery on the premises and use a local winemaker as a consultant. Does anyone know anything about this? I’m going to call the deli when I get home tonight, but I’m wondering if any of my "insider" readers have heard anything about this endeavor. Either way, check back soon for more information–I hope.