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Marquette Making its Mark in North Country Wine


The prospect of growing and making red wine in cool climates meets with some well-known challenges — reaching adequate ripening levels, controlling acidity, getting good color extraction, as well as surviving disease and predators. Until just a few years ago, it might have been considered madness to conceive of, let alone attempt to pursue, the table red in places where the winter snow can get as deep as the high trellis wire, or where there can be bare ground on days with temperatures so cold that cars and equipment won’t start until the morning sun has been on them for…

Bedell Cellars Set to Release New Red Blend, Musee


Remember Bedell Cellars’ Cupola, their flagship red blend? Well, they haven’t made it recently, apparently deciding to discontinue the product line. Instead, they’ve released a new high-end blend with their 2005 Musée, price at $65, making iti their most expensive wine (and $15 more than the last Cupola if I remember right). Joining wines like their Gallery, TASTE Red and TASTE White, Musée’s front label features artwork by a renowned artist. This time, Chuck Close a well-known painter and recipient of the 2000 National Medal of Arts, has contributed the beautiful label, a photo daguerreotype of grapes. Musée is a…

WTN: Castello di Borghese 2001 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (North Fork of Long Island)


On the North Fork, there is an un-official red wine grape pecking order. Okay, maybe it isn’t even un-official. At the top is the almighty merlot grape, lauded by many observers as the king of Long Island grapes. And, it has earned such a reputation with good reason. It seems ideally suited to the regions climate and soil conditions–and consistently leads to many of the region’s best wines. Next in line is cabernet franc, genetic parent to cabernet sauvignon and known mostly for its popularity in the Loire region of France and as a blending grape in Bordeaux. It ripens…