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WTN: Peconic Bay Winery 2006 (North Fork of Long Island)


In the past, I’ve had some less-than-nice things to say about Peconic Bay Winery. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy some of their wines–I absolutely do and have for quite a while. Their Stainless Steel Chardonnay and Riesling are both great every day wines at fair prices. But man, they made some sweet, koolaid-esque rose in the past. And, in their tasting room, flights started off with those wines, which I thought probably turned off the serious wine drinkers before they got down to the better wines. I knew that it did me. I’m sure that it’s purely a coincidence…

WTN: Osprey’s Dominion 2005 Vin Gris (North Fork of Long Island)


Today we’ll continue with a quick tasting note on Osprey’s Dominion Vineyards 2005 Vin Gris. I’ve written here numerous times about local rose wines and how diverse they can be. I guess the same can probably be said for many wine regions, but it always amazes me anyway. You’ve got your sweet, flabby versions that taste more like Koolaid than anything made with wine grapes. You’ve got fresh, clean, crisp wines that are just awesome on a hot summer day or with a picnic lunch. And of course there’s everything in between too. This rose, made with cabernet sauvignon grapes,…

WTN: Comtesse Therese 2005 Blanc de Noir (North Fork)


People sometimes tell me that I’m crazy when I smell "non-grape" things in a wine. This wine is for them…if only because it is a perfect example of non-grape aroma. In fact, I could have titled this post "Wanna Experience Peach in a Wine?" or something of that ilk. Personally, I didn’t care for this wine much, but it’s an excellent example of the wonder of wine grapes. Theresa Dilworth, co-owner and head winemaker of Comtesse Therese, made 127 cases of her Comtesse Therese 2005 Blanc de Noir ($18). First, don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not a sparkler.…