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Pascal Zugmeyer Joins Shinn Estate Vineyards as Tasting Room Manager


It’s harvest season, but freshly picked grapes aren’t the only thing moving into the winery at Shinn Estate Vineyards. Owners David Page and Barbara Shinn have hired Pascal Zugmeyer, a certified sommelier, to run their tasting room and manage events at the winery. Pascal brings extensive experience at restaurants in New York City and around  the world, and will no doubt bring a unique perspective to the North Fork. He’ll be in the tasting room Wednesday through Sunday.

Anthony Nappa Joins Shinn Estate Vineyards

As reported here on LENNDEVOURS a little over a month ago, Juan Micieli-Martinez is leaving Shinn Estate Vineyards to join Martha Clara Vineyards. And now, I can tell you who will replace him at Shinn. His name is Anthony Nappa and he brings a diverse winemaking background to the North Fork. Most recently, Nappa worked at Monterey Wine in California, but prior to that he worked in Italy, Massachusetts and New Zealand. I’ve only tasted wines from two of his previous stops, Westport Rivers in MA and Goldwater Estate in NZ, but it should be interesting to see how he…

Juan Micieli-Martinez Heading to Martha Clara Vineyards?

Thanks to a reader tip (thanks John) and an email sent to David Page at Shinn Estate Vineyards, I’ve learned that Juan Micieli-Martinez, formerly of Pellegrini Vineyards, is now formerly of Shinn Estate Vineyards as well. Or he will be by mid-August. "He has done a great job for us at Shinn during his time with us. Barbara and I wish him the best," Page told me in an email. He’s been offered the winemaker position at Martha Clara Vineyards. I haven’t heard from Juan yet and I have no idea at this point what is going on with Gilles…

Vineyards Visuals: Chamomile at Shinn Estate Vineyards


Photo courtesy of Shinn Estate Vineyards "I have attached a nice photo of the daisies that have been in full bloom in the sauvignon blanc for a few days now. They are from a native chamomile plant. We dry the flowers, brew a tea then do soil drenches with it as part of our biodynamic program. We did the same thing with the dandelion flowers from an earlier photo I sent you. You can see the winery in the background." — David Page, Shinn Estate Vineyards

Three Shinn Sips for Summer…and Breakfast to Boot


"There is no reason to produce wimpy little pink wines with no varietal character." That’s what David Page, co-owner of Shinn Estate Vineyards said when I asked him about his 2006 Rose ($16)–a much richer, bolder wine than many local bottlings. He’s right, the strawberry- and watermelon-scented wine with a faint buttery note is far from wimpy. It’s medium bodied and much rounder and fuller on the palate–but still balanced with gentle acidity and even a little tannic structure. While not the style I prefer, it’s hard to argue with this wine’s versatility. Page recommends it with "everything from lobster…

WTN: Shinn Estate Vineyards 2006 First Fruit (North Fork)


Chardonnay, shmarddonay. Yes, chardonnay is the white wine that dominates the Long Island wine scene. It’s the most planted and, obviously, most made. That’s because despite trends away from it, it’s still the most sold white wine in the market. Yes, I like–and sometimes love–local chardonnay. The acid balance can be stellar in these parts. But, so far this spring, the wines I’ve been digging most have been local sauvignon blancs. There have already been several 2006 sauvignons that I’ve enjoyed and Shinn Estate Vineyards’ 2006 First Fruit ($23) which is primarily sauvignon blanc, with just a squirt (4%) Semillon,…

Industry Job Opening: Event and Sales Manager, Shinn Estate Vineyards


Shinn Estate Vineyards is looking to hire event and sales manager for their expanding business. The right candidate will have extensive hands-on wine, food and hospitality experience, be self motivated, creative, and have strong ties to Long Island’s East End community. The opening of their Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast in June will serve as a groundbreaking opportunity to integrate an exciting wine, food and lodging experience for travelers to Long Island. Salary is based on talent and experience. If you’re interested in the position, please email resumes to Barbara Shinn and David Page at

WBW #29: Shinn Estate Vineyards 2004 Cabernet Franc (North Fork)

I don’t mean any offense to Jack or anyone else who believes strongly in biodynamic farm practices. Really I don’t and I think that there are some great wines being made with biodynamic-grown grapes. Anyone who has tasted any can see that. But I don’t buy into the benefit some of the more ‘hocus pocus’ techniques. Maybe it’s the former scientist in me. I was a biology major after all. I’m all for organic and sustainable farming. The benefits to the land, environment and those living there are obvious and much more provable. In my mind, biodynamic gets a little…

WTN: Shinn Estate Vineyards 2004 Estate Merlot


Shinn Estate Vineyards, still a relative newcomer to the Long Island wine scene, gets a ton of press for its "green" vineyard practices and its owners’ pedigree as Manhattan restaurateurs. I’ve written about them several times here on LENNDEVOURS and elsewhere. And yes, it’s true that David Page and Barbara Shinn employ several progressive sustainable and near-organic farming techniques in their North Fork vineyard. Their Greenwich Village restaurant, Home, is also a successful exhibition of local, seasonal food and wine. But it’s important not to forget about the fermented grape juice they bottle and stop with a cork. Their wines…