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Visting the Finger Lakes: Part 1


By Finger Lakes Correspondent Jason Feulner The Finger Lakes are worth visiting for many reasons, but it is not always an easy vacation to plan if one is not familiar with the region.  In a two-part series, I will attempt to provide some general answers to basic questions about planning a trip to the Finger Lakes.  I encourage readers to ask me more questions if these topics do not provide all of the answers! When is the best time to visit?I’ll run the answer down by seasons to flesh out the possibilities: Winter–Darn cold, but can be downright beautiful after…

One Last


As winter slows and we look to spring, LENNDEVOURS’ Poet Laureate, Christopher Watkins presents a piece about what this time means for grape vines that have been sleeping during the cold months. One LastBy Christopher Watkins One last hurl of winterfor the sleeping vinesto unknowingly withstand; One last morningof vivid, blinding beauty—sunlight caroming off snow slicks—and the dirty days that followas the oily trucks tattoothe banks built upalong the salted roads; One last fire for warmth; One last reminderthat the world’s not at our mercy,that our mercy’s what we plead forat the door of Mother Nature’s busy home—darkened by our…